The Microix Budget Module

The Microix Budget Module is an advanced planning and reporting tool that allows you to create budget worksheets for any time period. Our system automates the process by building budget worksheets based on any program, fund, grant, department, cost center or any other designation. You may also pre-load the worksheets with current and prior year data from Abila MIP’s™ General Ledger. After managers finalize their budget worksheet, it may then be submitted to a multi-level approval process. Upon final approval, the worksheets are automatically transferred to Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ Software as un-posted budget entries.

Creating Budgets on the Fly

With the NEW easy to use interface, the Budget Module allows each department to prepare a preliminary budget on-line and submit it electronically for approval.

More Details on Input Fields

Additional Features:

  • Use Excel formulas to automatically generate next year’s budget entries from current year’s activities
  • Completed worksheets can be routed to a multi-level approval process
  • Approvers can re-route the budget worksheet to the originator for modifications
  • Users can enter justifications for specific line items and worksheets
  • Budgets multi-year grants and programs in addition to annual fiscal year budget
  • Budgets each payroll position along with their benefits
  • Consolidates all budget worksheets at any time during the budget preparation process for organization wide reporting
  • All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or printed as a PDF document
  • Creates multiple versions of the same budget
  • Distributes the budget automatically using Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ distribution codes
  • Allocates the budget for each line item based on a predefined or customized monthly distribution code
  • Displays budget vs. actual data for current and prior years
  • Estimates remainder year based on current period
  • Remain current using historical data imported from Abila MIP’s™ general ledger and work with the data to help create new budget entries. The historical data can be refreshed from Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ at any time, so you are always working with the latest numbers
  • Budget worksheets can be approved from any smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Seamless integration with Abila MIP Fund Accounting™

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