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HTML Approval

HTML Approval

Approval directly from your
smart phone, tablet or PC

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The HTML Approval

The HTML Approval manages an efficient method of staying on top of approval requests. With mobile devices being integral in today’s modern work life, the HTML Approval enables certain level approvers to conveniently approve directly from their email using their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This hassle-free feature facilitates the manager’s ability to review and take approval actions without having to log into the software.

Requirement link available upon request.

Key Features:

  • HTML Approval feature is simple and easy to use
  • No additional app is required because it utilizes your existing email app on your phone, tablet or PC
  • Approvers can promptly approve their documents anywhere and anytime
  • Approvers will receive a detailed email with the following information pertaining to:
  • Timesheet Approval
  • Worked hours
  • Leave
  • Overtime
  • Allocation of time between cost centers
  • Requisition/Invoice Approval
  • Available budget for each expense category
  • Related backup documents in PDF format
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