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Easily record, track and approve timesheet data from the MIP Fund Accounting® Payroll Module.

The Microix Timesheet Module enables each employee to record their timesheet data electronically, and allows organizations to set up their own customized approval workflow processes and reporting automatically with MIP Fund Accounting.

The Microix Timesheet Module

The Microix Timesheet Module enables each employee to record their timesheet data electronically and automatically to route them through a multi-level approval process.

Upon final approval, Microix will adjust the employee’s payroll distribution code to match their timesheet allocated hours and generate a regular timesheet within MIP Fund Accounting’s™ Payroll Module.

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4 Easy & Flexible ways to Capture Employees time

Electronic Timesheet Using Row Format

Your employees and managers can optionally enter time information in an easy-to-use row format.

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Electronic Timesheet using Column Format

Based on preferences, your employees and managers can record hours, leave, expense information and more in a column format. 

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Web Timeclock

Enable employees to clock in/out via desktop or mobile web browser. Plus, managers can access important timesheet-related information online. 

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Biometric Timeclock

Using the iFace biometric combination terminal, organizations can streamline employee time tracking - even in dimly-lit environments. 

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Web Entry Time Clock

Employees can clock in/out via an internet web browser.

Key Features:

  • Tracks in/out time for hourly employees
  • Ability to punch in using ChargeID/Distribution Code
  • Enables manual punch with email notification to supervisor
  • Views in/out board
  • Views/prints clock history
  • Exports clock history to Excel
  • Optional Ethernet time clocks
  • Requests leave

Electronic Timesheet Entry Form

Your employees can now perform all of their task in one place including:

  • Record hours/leave and expenses on timesheet
  • Leave can be requested and emailed for approval
  • Hours can be charged to different funding sources simply by selecting a distribution code per entry
  • MIP Fund Accounting’s™ earning and leave codes are available when creating a timesheet.

“Using electronic timesheets has eliminated the errors we were finding with paper timesheets. Setting up the workflows correctly has allowed supervisor to see all timesheets at any given time for their staff they supervise.”

Megan Cadwell, CCAP, Fiscal Director, Missouri Valley Community Action Agency

Managers / Supervisors Task Made Easy

  • Approve multiple timesheets simultaneously
  • Access the original timesheet and make necessary changes
  • View timesheet summary information for each employee
  • View audit trial of changes made to the original timesheet
  • View leave calendar

Seamless Integration

  • The Timesheet Module works hand-in-hand with MIP Fund Accounting.
  • Track payroll information electronically
  • Approve and process payroll data
  • Transfer payroll data directly into MIP Fund Accounting® Payroll Module

Additional Features:

  • The system allows for group timesheet creation, where one indivdiual can enter timesheet data for multiple employees
  • Automatically creates a regular timesheet in ™ Fund Accounting
  • Printed timesheet displays recorded hours and summary of allocated hours to the responsible funding sources
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We have a lot of government grants that require strict timekeeping requirements for the staff they fund... we finally connected with Microix and their timesheet module, and we haven’t looked back! 

The timesheet module interfaces with MIP payroll, and all of the costs associated with an employee (wages, SS, Medicare, insurances, retirement, etc.) are allocated every pay period based on how the employee enters her timesheet.  Supervisors make their approvals through the system, too, not just for the timesheet itself but for time off requests, as well.  The Workflow timesheet module is an excellent solution if you have unique timesheet allocation needs.

Paula Wiggins, Accounting Manager, Center for Women in Transition

Additional Hardware Available

iFace Facial/Finger/RFID Terminal

A Biometric combination terminal revolutionizing time tracking.
Biometrically provides one second employee recognition even in dimly lit environment.

Additional hardware and web access will allow you to:

  • Track in/out time for hourly employees
  • Have the ability to punch in for different sources (Grant/Fund/Project/Program)
  • Enter a manual punch with email notification to supervisor
  • Reduce missed punches
  • View in/out board
  • View/Print punch clock history and export punch history to Excel
  • Clock in/out using a fingerprint reader for added security
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